A Cornish Mess
Season 6, Episode 11
ACM Chefs
Air date April 10, 2011
Winner Lauren Gerrie
Episode Guide
All Stars Tournament: Grand Finale
Chefs on a Mission
The chefs struggle to create perfect Peking duck appetizers then are very chatty about their philosophies at the Chopping Block. In the entrée round the competitors have some huge problems dealing with a seemingly simple protein, and emotions run high when the second chef is eliminated. Then the finalists try to put the low points of the competition behind them and come up with some inspired desserts made with cheese crackers and an unusual fruit.


  • Gillie Holme, Caterer, New York, NY
  • Lauren Gerrie, Caterer, Big Little Get Together, New York, NY
  • David Greco, Chef and Restaurateur, Arthur Avenue Trattoria and Mike's Deli, New York, NY
  • Ondre'a Duverney, Caterer, New York, NY




Ingredients: Graffiti Eggplant, Cape Gooseberries, Biscuit Dough, Peking Duck gillie made eggplant and duck calzones with gooseberry yougert sauce her sauce tastes nice the flavors are there but the dough is raw lauren made a duck sandwich with eggplant gooseberry and basil pesto her dough is cooked perfectly and her pesto is good but her duck is overdone david did antipasto paninis with duck salad his salad is good his panini is good but evreything should be perfect and the provlone is overpowering ondrea made duck and eggplant curry with biscut gosseberry garlic bread her curry is the best dish of the round the judges chop gillie for her raw dough witch made the dish have wrong textures


Ingredients: Cornish Hens, Concord Grapes, Gruyère Cheese, Banana Leather david did gruyere mashed poetatoes with banana grape sauce david coudnt serve the hens due to time his poetatoes are creamy and good and sauce is nice ondrea did hens in a grape banana sauce and gruyere orange cucumber salad she cut her hens on the same board when they were raw lauren made hen and banana gruyre grape pasta her pasta is cooked perfectly as well as her hens but her sauce does not work the elimanaitoin is between ondrea and david and ondrea is chopped


Ingredients: Italian Orange Liqueur, Cheese Crackers, Cherimoya, Jordan Almonds lauren made liquer cracker cake with cherimoya and almond sauce her cake is very tasty and cooked well but her sauce does not work david did chessey licure ice cream with almond crunch david forgot his cherimoya and his ice cream tastes like soap however his crunch is nice and crunchy david is chopped and lauren wins


  • The chefs for the episode. From left to right: Ondre'a, David, Lauren, and Gillie
  • Gillie's Appetizer
  • Lauren's Appetizer
  • David's Appetizer
  • Ondre'a's Appetizer
  • Ondre'a's Entrée
  • David's Entrée
  • Lauren's Entrée
  • Lauren's Dessert
  • David's Dessert


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