Best of the Best
Season 2, Episode 11
Air date September 15, 2009
Winner Einat Admony (advances)
Episode Guide
The Ultimate Face-Off
All Stars Showdown
Gotta tune in to find out who has the chops to be the Chopped Champion again! In this second installment in a special series, four winners return to battle for superiority in the kitchen. When the chefs present their cockles appetizers, the judges must do some investigating; one of the chefs may or may not have gotten every mystery item into the dish. Then for the entrée course, along with ground chicken and apples, the judges find a disgusting shocker on one of the chefs' plates. And when The Big Cheese of La Mancha finds its way into the Dessert Basket, who will be the Big Winner? One of the finalists makes a napoleon, while the other chef takes a more avant-garde approach.





Ingredients: Cockles, Kohlrabi, Pita Bread


Ingredients: Ground Chicken, Green Tea Leaves, Mustard Oil, Braeburn Apples


Ingredients: Chocolate Wafers, Manchego Cheese, Passionfruit, Goji Berries



Chopped Season 2
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#07 Pods, Grills and Sticky Fingers

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