Champions' Tournament: Part 3
Season 9, Episode 3
CTR3 Chefs
Air date September 13, 2011
Winner Lauren Gerrie
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Champions' Tournament: Part 2
Champions' Tournament: Part 4
With only two spots remaining in the $50,000 Chopped Champions Grand Finale competition, four champs attempt to elbow their way to victory. In the appetizer round, the chefs are unsure how to treat a pretty fruit and a succulent seafood product. Whose choices will leave the judges impressed? Then the champs try to balance out the flavors of a great big fish and a little cookie in the entrée round. And with two champs left champing at the bit to cook dessert, the judges wonder if either one can turn duck fat and guava paste into sweet perfection.





Ingredients: Alaskan King Crab Legs, Starfuit, Bonito Flakes, Mexican Chorizo


Ingredients: Tilefish, Fig Cookies, Caperberries, Squid Ink


Ingredients: Vanilla Cognac, Guava Paste, Barley Flour, Duck Fat


  • The chefs for the episode. From left to right: Miguel, Laura, Jamie, and Lauren
  • Lauren's Appetizer
  • Jamie's Appetizer
  • Laura's Appetizer
  • Miguel's Appetizer
  • Jamie's Entrée
  • Laura's Entrée
  • Lauren's Entrée
  • Lauren's Dessert
  • Jamie's Dessert


Chopped Season 9
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