Champions' Tournament: Part Four
Season 9, Episode 4
Air date September 20, 2011
Winner Alan Harding
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Champions' Tournament: Part Three
Champions' Tournament: Grand Finale
Four returning winners fight for the last remaining spot in the Chopped Champions Grand Finale! The heat is on when the chefs discover hot cross buns and a shocking meat in the appetizer basket. Then in the entrée round, will anyone make a wreck of the wreck fish? And the last two chefs must make delectable desserts using a box of something familiar plus a can of something sweet.


  • Eric Levine, Executive Chef, Encore Catering, East Hanover, NJ, Prove it on the Plate
  • Marie-Claude Mendy, Chef and Restaurateur, Teranga, Boston, MA, Thyme Flies
  • Alan Harding, Chef, The Food Truck @ Hot Bird, Brooklyn, NY, Gotta Grill!
  • Justin Burdett, Chef de cuisine, Miller Union, Atlanta, GA, Have a Heart




Ingredients: Lamb Fries, Ras el Hanout, Blood Orange Syrup, Hot Cross Buns


Ingredients: Wreck Fish, Sabudana Poha, Green Tomatoes, Huitlacoche


Ingredients: Macaroni and Cheese, Apples, Raw Cashews, Cane Syrup



Chopped Season 9
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