Chard & True
Season 8, Episode 4
Air date August 2, 2011
Winner Elisabeth Weinberg
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Sweet Second Chance!
My Way
Octo-tastic! The four chefs take on an eight-armed mystery ingredient in the appetizer round. And the judges wonder if the cooperative behavior they see in the kitchen will continue after someone is chopped. Then in the entrée course, more seafood surprises make the 30-minute time limit seem extraordinarily difficult. And following the final round - in which the chefs had to incorporate some ballpark favorites into their desserts - the judges ponder how sportsmanship and preconceived game plans factored in.


  • Tina Aleandri, Executive Chef, Noche Tequila and Tapas Bar, Atlanta, GA
  • Ben Sargent, Seafood Chef, Brooklyn, NY
  • Elisabeth Weinberg, Caterer, Miss Elisabeth's Catering, New York, NY
  • Jay Jones, Caterer, Chateau Noir Catering, New York, NY




Ingredients: Lime Pickle, Red Chard, Baby Octopus, Tokyo Scallion


Ingredients: Gingersnaps, Sweet Potatoes, Farina, Turbot


Ingredients: Cactus Pear, Soft Pretzels, Farmhouse Cheddar, Wheat Bear



Chopped Season 8
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#02 Ladies First!#05 My Way
#03 Sweet Second Chance!#06 A is for Apple. U is for Udon

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