Season 13, Episode 5
Air date October 9, 2012
Winner Scott Pajak
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No Kidding!
A Very Piggy Halloween
With pluck aplenty, four chefs charge into the competition. But will spaghetti in a can spell trouble for them in the first round? In the entree course, everybody raids the pantry for potatoes that they think will complement the tile fish from the basket. A very tough final basket, which includes cocktail franks, has the two final chefs puzzled. Can they come up with creative, delicious desserts?


  • Gason Nelson, Private Chef, Full of Flavor, New Orleans, LA
  • Chris DeBarr, Chef and Restaurateur, The Green Goddess / Serendipity, New Orleans, LA
  • Jennifer Iserloh, Private Chef and Author, Secrets of a Skinny Chef food blog, Hoboken, NJ
  • Scott Pajak, Chef de cuisine, Lagasse Stadium at the Palazzo Resort, Las Vegas, NV




Ingredients: Korean-Style Short Ribs, Canned Spaghetti, Purple Artichokes, Baby Pineapples


Ingredients: Tilefish, Hot German Mustard, Pimento Cheese, Cape Gooseberries


Ingredients: Honey Flavored Cereal, Soy Sauce, Anjou Pears, Cocktail Franks



Chopped Season 13
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