Chocolate Challenge
Season 12, Episode 4
ChocC Chefs
Air date June 19, 2012
Winner Christina Olivarez
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A Guts Reaction
Pride of New Orleans
It's a chocolate lover's dream competition: Chocolate in every course! Will the chefs take well to this sweet challenge? The appetizer round is a heart-stopping affair with a romantic gift as the centerpiece of the basket. The three chefs who advance to cook the second course have a love/hate response to the thematic ingredient. And when the chefs are given a molded chocolate novelty item in the dessert round, they battle to prove who can finish strong.


  • Christina Olivarez, Executive Chef, Diego, Las Vegas, NV
  • Zach Meloy, Chef and Restaurateur, Push Start Kitchen, Atlanta, GA
  • Taryn Mumpower, Baker, Pick Your Poison Bake Shop, Las Vegas, NV
  • Richard Ingraham, Personal Chef, Atlanta, GA




Ingredients: Button Mushrooms, Dried Dates, Duck Hearts, Chocolate Covered Cherries


Ingredients: Chateaubriand, Rainbow Carrots, Escarole, Chocolate Wine


Ingredients: Marzipan, Membrillo, Ladyfingers, Chocolate Lips


  • The chefs for the episode. From left to right: Richard, Taryn, Zach, and Christina
  • Christina's Appetizer
  • Zach's Appetizer
  • Taryn's Appetizer
  • Richard's Appetizer
  • Zach's Entrée
  • Richard's Entrée
  • Christina's Entrée
  • Christina's Dessert
  • Zach's Dessert


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