Ladies First!
Season 8, Episode 2
Air date July 19, 2011
Winner Suzanne Vizethann
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Easy Peasy?
Sweet Second Chance!
Four women compete for the $10,000 prize. Wait until they see the outrageous ingredients in the first basket! Then in the entrée round, will there be a party on the plates when the chefs must cook with sherry? In a very competitive dessert round, the two lady finalists get a pre-made dough and a canned vegetable, and the judges challenge them to stand tall at the Chopping Block.


  • Deirdre Henderson, Executive Chef, BarOnA, New York, NY
  • Suzanne Vizethann, Chef and Restaurateur, The Hungry Peach, Atlanta, GA
  • Katherine See, Executive Chef, Kingfish Hall, Boston, MA
  • Cara Thompson, Executive Chef, The Bayou, Bellmore, NY



Ingredients: Brown Bread in a Can, Dried Figs, Frozen Peas, Duck White Kidneys


Ingredients: Quail, Pedro Ximénez Sherry, Crosnes, Cabbage


Ingredients: Crescent Roll Dough, Dried Currants, Key Lime Juice, Creamed Corn



  • Cara later returned for Chopped Redemption.
  • This is the second episode where all four competitors are women.
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