Leftovers Overload
Season 14, Episode 1
Air date January 6, 2013
Winner Gerald Chin
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Untrained, Undaunted
Chopped Champions: Part 1

In this special episode, all the baskets are full of leftover foods, and the four competitors demonstrate some tricks and recipes you might want to try at home. In the first round, one chef makes a very daring soup using pieces of a sub sandwich, and the judges do not know whether to be impressed or frightened. Then in the entree round, two competitors think of a similar idea, and the other chef tries to make the argument that creativity with the leftover rib-eye steak is higher in his alternative concept. And the two finalists endeavor to create fresh, fun desserts from flat soda, mushy bananas and a melting sundae.


  • Jason Robertson, Caterer, Headwaters Café, New Orleans, LA
  • Gerald Chin, Chef de cuisine, The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV
  • Nealy Frentz, Chef and Restaurateur, Lola, Covington, LA
  • Shawn Smiley, Executive Chef, The Buffet at Aria, Las Vegas, NV




Ingredients: Matzo Ball Soup, Macaroni and Cheese, Fried Onion Blossom, Submarine Sandwich


Ingredients: Rib Eye Steak, Mashed Potatoes, Ketchup Packets, Greek Salad


Ingredients: Ice Cream Sundae, Old Bananas, Stale Tortilla Chips, Cola



  • Shawn Smiley got out after the first round
  • Jason Robertson got out after the second round
  • Nealy Frentz got out after the third round
  • Gerald Chin won the episode