Marrowly We Roll Along
Season 6, Episode 3
MWRA Chefs
Air date January 18, 2011
Winner Laura Henry-Zoubir
Episode Guide
Prove it on the Plate
Doughs and Don'ts
Got to get it done! But will the chefs know what to do to marry marrow bones with the other ingredients in the appetizer basket? Then in a challenging entrée round, one chef uses avant-garde cooking techniques to try to prove a point, and everyone wrestles with a very labor-intensive mystery ingredient. And with a frozen ingredient in the dessert basket, the finalists might be headed for a meltdown before this competition is over.


  • Sean Telo, Chef de cuisine, Atlanta, GA
  • Laura Henry-Zoubir, Culinary Director, Dramshop Hospitality, Boston, MA
  • Carmine DiGiovanni, Chef de cuisine, Picholine, New York, NY
  • Andrew Markert, Executive Sous chef, PS7, Washington DC




Ingredients: Speck, Toybox Squash, Fontina Cheese, Marrow Bones


Ingredients: Yuzu Marmalade, Chicory, Dried Blueberries, Dungeness Crab


Ingredients: Pineapple, Sunflower Seeds, Red Curry Paste, Neapolitan Ice Cream


  • The chefs for the episode. From left to right: Andrew, Carmine, Laura, and Sean
  • Sean's Appetizer
  • Laura's Appetizer
  • Carmine's Appetizer
  • Andrew's Appetizer
  • Laura's Entrée
  • Andrew's Entrée
  • Sean's Entrée
  • Andrew's Dessert
  • Laura's Dessert


  • Laura later returned for the Champions Tournament.
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