Step Right Up!
Season 6, Episode 5
SRU Chefs
Air date February 1, 2011
Winner Marcellus Coleman
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Doughs and Don'ts
All Stars Tournament: Round One -- Competitors from The Next Food Network Star
Go fish! The competitors reel in a peculiar combination in the appetizer round: catfish and marshmallows. The tough challenge is made even tougher when first-round nervousness becomes a factor. And in the entrée round the chefs are intent on infusing mouthwatering flavor into pork country ribs. Then the judges watch to see which of the two finalists will step up and deliver the better dessert from a basket with Latin flair.


  • Jeffrey Gardner, Sous chef, South City Kitchen Midtown, Atlanta, GA
  • Gillian Clark, Chef and Restaurateur, The General Store, Silver Spring, MD
  • James Kilberg, Executive Chef, Il Poggiolo, Chicago, IL
  • Marcellus Coleman, Executive Sous chef, Abe and Arthur's, New York, NY




Ingredients: Catfish, Tomatillos, Marshmallows, Rutabagas


Ingredients: Country Pork Ribs, Dandelion Greens, Jerusalem Artichokes, Fresh Garbanzo Beans


Ingredients: Plum Tomatoes, Jalapeño Peppers, Crema, Malanga Coco


  • The chefs for the episode. From left to right: Jeffrey, Gillian, James, and Marcellus
  • Marcellus's Appetizer
  • James's Appetizer
  • Gillian's Appetizer
  • Jeffrey's Appetizer
  • Gillian's Entrée
  • Jeffrey's Entrée
  • Marcellus's Entrée
  • Jeffrey's Dessert
  • Marcellus's Dessert


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