Sweet Surprises
Season 16, Episode 8
Air date July 16, 2013
Winner Madeline Lanciani
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Mochi Obliged
Chopped Family Feud
The chefs are surprised to discover a decadent sweet creation along with every basket. In the first round a towering cake threatens to topple the chefs' chances at producing perfect plates. Then in the second round, a very colorful dessert ingredient makes for a very stressful challenge. And the two lucky competitors who make it to the last round are happy to see a fabulously chocolatey treat -- a sweet surprise that may finally work in their favor.


  • Madeline Lanciani, Pastry Chef, Duane Park Patisserie, New York, NY
  • Jemell Simpson, Caterer, Taste My Expression Catering, New York, NY
  • Allison Robicelli, Pastry Chef, Robicelli's, Brooklyn, NY
  • Kenny Gray, Sous chef, Olivia Restaurant, Austin, TX




Ingredients: Rack of Wild Boar, Broccolini, Hazelnuts, Vanilla Fondant Cake


Ingredients: Duck, Cardoons, Preserved Lemons, Macaroons


Ingredients: Clementimes, Cheese Wedges, Aleppo Pepper, Frozen Hot Chocolate



Chopped Season 16
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