The Icing on the Steak
Season 7, Episode 1
TIotS Chefs
Air date May 3, 2011
Winner Shehu Fitzgerald
Episode Guide
Chefs on a Mission
Canned Cheese, Please!
Ready? Go! Confidence abounds in the first round when four determined chefs try to get a leg up on the competition through their smoked turkey leg dishes. Then when the chefs are challenged to use beef and chocolate frosting in the entrée round, one competitor makes a big splash, but not intentionally. And after the two finalists present battling banana desserts, it is up to the judges to decide which chef will not survive the third chop.


  • Crystal Fox, Chef, Sisters Night Club, Philadelphia, PA
  • Marco Suarez, Executive Chef, Ledge Kitchen and Drinks, Dorchester, MA
  • Shehu Fitzgerald, Garde manger Chef, Marriott New York Marquis, New York, NY
  • Tryg Siverson, Chef and Restaurateur, Friedman's Lunch, New York, NY




Ingredients: Smoked Turkey Legs, Ramen Noodles, Cherry Bomb Peppers, Endive


Ingredients: Celery Root, Rainbow Chard, Flat Iron Steak, Chocolate Frosting


Ingredients: Bananas, Pomegranate Juice, Phyllo Dough, White Miso


  • The chefs for the episode. From left to right, Tryg, Shehu, Marco, and Crystal
  • Crystal's Appetizer
  • Marco's Appetizer
  • Shehu's Appetizer
  • Tryg's Appetizer
  • Marco's Entrée
  • Shehu's Entrée
  • Tryg's Entrée
  • Shehu's Dessert
  • Tryg's Dessert


Chopped Season 7
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#03 Saying Sayonara#08 Go For It!
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#05 Gotta Grill!#10 Nopales, No Problem

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