Thyme Flies
Season 7, Episode 9
TF Chefs
Air date June 28, 2011
Winner Marie-Claude Mendy
Episode Guide
Go For It!
Nopales, No Problem
Double trouble! With two proteins in the appetizer basket, the chefs struggle to marry flavors, and the judges caution competitors against cooking to please instead of cooking from their hearts. Then as the clock ticks down on the entrée round, the chaos in the kitchen ramps up. Will the chefs be able to get out of the woods in time to make their hen-of-the-woods mushroom dishes delicious? Then with cookie dough in the final basket, it seems like the chefs have a head start with dessert. The judges wonder if the competitors will take advantage of the opportunity to create some exceptional dessert surprises.


  • April Stamm, Chef Team Leader, Prepared foods at Whole Foods Market, New York, NY
  • James Lee, Chef and Restaurateur, New York, NY
  • Marie-Claude Mendy, Executive Chef/Owner, Teranga, Boston, MA
  • Marc Matsumoto, Private Chef, New York, NY




Ingredients: Korean-Style Short Ribs, Lemon Thyme, Zucchini, Gefilte Fish


Ingredients: Hen of the Woods, White Anchovies, Lamb Top Round, Salsa Con Queso


Ingredients: Dried Apricots, Gingerbread Cookie Dough, Elderflower Liqueur, Halva


  • The chefs for the episode. From left to right: Marc, Marie-Claude, James, and April
  • April's Appetizer
  • James's Appetizer
  • Marie-Claude's Appetizer
  • Marc's Appetizer
  • April's Entrée
  • Marie-Claude's Entrée
  • James's Entrée
  • Marie-Claude's Dessert
  • April's Dessert


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