Season 17, Episode 1
W Chefs
Air date August 13, 2013
Winner Garrett Eagleton
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Chopped Family Feud
Keep On Trucking
In this competition, the baskets are full of usually-discarded food scraps. In the first round the chefs must contend with herb stems and what is left of a filleted fish. Then the competitors open the baskets to find eyes on potatoes looking back at them. And the two chefs left in the dessert round must make yummy sweets from the least desirable part of the bread and the least juicy part of the orange.


  • Parind Vora, Chef & Owner, Restaurant Jezebel, Austin, TX
  • Dylan Hallas, Executive Chef, Petit Ermitage Hotel, West Hollywood, CA
  • Molly Peck, Executive Chef & Owner, The Vanilla Orchid Catering, Austin, TX
  • Garrett Eagleton, Freelance Chef/Butcher, The Meat Hook, Brooklyn, NY




Ingredients: Pickle Juice, Herb Stems, Overripe Tomatoes, Fish Carcass


Ingredients: Wilted Carrots, Potatoes with Eyes, Parmesan Cheese Rinds, Meat Trimmings


Ingredients: Ends of Bread Loaves, Squeezed Orange Halves, Used Coffee Grinds, Hardened Brown Sugar


  • The chefs for the episode. From left to right: Garrett, Molly, Dylan, and Parind
  • Parind's Appetizer
  • Dylan's Appetizer
  • Molly's Appetizer
  • Garrett's Appetizer
  • Dylan's Entrée
  • Garrett's Entrée
  • Parind's Entrée
  • Garrett's Dessert
  • Parind's Dessert


  • The fish carcass used in the appetizer were from cod.

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