We Love Leftovers!
Season 17, Episode 5
WLL! Chefs
Air date September 17, 2013
Winner Jason Stude
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Hero Chefs
Count Your Chickens
All leftovers in the baskets today, and some of the chefs are not happy to hear the news. In the first round the competitors must work with what is left in a casserole dish and at the bottom of a takeout bag. The second round has the chefs wondering what to do with something soggy and something sweet. In the final round — featuring a leftover party beverage — one chef beats the other to the ice cream machine, leaving his competitor scrambling for a new plan.


  • Jason Stude, Chef de Cuisine, Second Bar + Kitchen, Austin, TX Winner
  • Aatul Jain, Executive Chef, St. Clare's Hospital, Denville, NJ
  • Krissy Kerwin, Private Chef, Los Angeles, CA
  • Josh Watkins, Executive Chef, The Carillon, Austin, TX




Ingredients: 1/2 Burger, Stale Fortune Cookies, Leftover Sautéed Broccoli, Leftover Lasagna


Ingredients: Leftover BBQ Ribs, Leftover French Fries, Leftover German Chocolate Cake, Leftover Chili


Ingredients: Leftover Corn on the Cob, Pitcher of Sangria, Duck Sauce Packets, Stale Plain Donuts


  • The chefs for the episode. From left to right: Josh, Krissy, Aatul, and Jason
  • Jason's Appetizer
  • Aatul's Appetizer
  • Krissy's Appetizer
  • Josh's Appetizer
  • Aatul's Entrée
  • Krissy's Entrée
  • Jason's Entrée
  • Jason's Dessert
  • Aatul's Dessert


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